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my favorite month 💜 - bag : @shopjournea
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mint 💚 my cute bag from 💚 - spam green emoji and i will like your pic 👀💚
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hehehehe seru @balqisyhrudin
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akang gendang kalo saya bilang like , like ya 😛 swipe right to see my full ootd 👖: . in love with my new jeans 👀💕
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am i too late for this trend 🥺🤚🏻
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Another giveaway 🥳❤️ -today farrah nak giveaway my favorite detox . Farrah suka detox ni sebab dia boleh membuang toxic toxic dalam badan and badan rasa ringan je after consume detox ni . Cara cara nak join giveaway ni senang je . Follow @bbggroupmy 2⃣️ Like je post I ni, then share post ni kat story! 3⃣️ Comment Done on this post! Nanti I pilih 3 pemenang! Goodluck🥳
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#AceYourStyle dengan #OPPOA93 ! Hey guys Jom join 😍 #AceYourStyle TikTok Dance Challenge by @oppomalaysia and korang berpeluang menang hadiah berjumlah lebih RM10,000 tau! And paling best boleh join @aydajebat dalam music video dia nanti! Senang je nak join! 1. Buka apps TikTok korang, dan search hashtag #AceYourStyle 2. Rakam video korang menari ikut step dalam video ni 3. Publish video tu di TikTok dengan hashtag #AceYourStyle dan #OPPOA93 4. Pastikan video korang public okay! 5. Submit penyertaan di Senang je kan? ❤️Jangan lepaskan peluang best ni tau sebab salah satu hadiah dia adalah OPPO A93 yang ada 6 Kamera Potret AI tau. Memang best untuk snap gambar and buat video! #AceYourStyle TikTok Dance Challenge berlangsung sehingga 9 November 2020 so korang kena practice now!✨ #AceYourStyle #OPPOA93
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How to win: 1. Follow @laneigemy & @n.frrah 's account & like this post 2. Tell us why you love Laneige Water Sleeping Mask 3. Tag 3 friends 4. Contest ends on 9 Oct 2020. and farrah akan pilih 5 pemenang okey❤️ goodluck everyone ❤️❤️
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“You could do so much better”
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Sweat sure does affect your confidence, isn't that true? Being an influencer and dancer, these things, such as rough underarm skin, sweat and stain on clothing does affect your appearance a lot, especially during practices and performances! Sometimes I shy away from people because I am scared they feel uncomfortable with me. 🥺 With NIVEA Black & White Invisible Silky Smooth , I forgot how it felt to feel afraid of my own insecurities as I grow more confident every day! It is normal to have sweaty underarms but with NIVEA, it is not a problem for me anymore! Obviously, my dancing skills became better after I gained my confidence and my clothes does not stain due to sweat anymore. What an investment! Now it's your chance to win RM5k worth of fund to fulfill your dream confidently with NIVEA deodorant! ❤ #myNIVEA
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;) Hi to my followers! Now Farah is officially student of @uowmkdu . Why I choose to study here because i love the environment at kdu ! Anyone interested to know more about @uowmkdu please drop by our campus at Glenmarie, Selangor and Georgetown/Batu Kawan In Penang from 3rd Oct-25th Oct 2020. #thisisuowmalaysia #uowmalaysiakdu #uowmalaysia #globalexperience #UOWMKDUPenang #UOWMKDUSelangor #malaysiacampus
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pov you’re taking my photo 🌝
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