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Главное — чувствовать себя счастливыми, а что скажут остальные — это уже не важно. 🐤 #style #sunflower #summer #summertime #happytime #happymoment #styleblogger #lifestyle #lifestyleblogger #travel #young #foreveryoung #youth #friends #memory
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Rockeando por aê há um tempo já 🤘🏻 feliz #diamundialdorock ⠀ ⠀ #beard #rock #metal #guitar #guitarra #band #young #youth #memories #brasil #brazil
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“What are the best ways to prepare for respite/foster care?” . First off, there are the obvious ones I will not talk about in detail here but will list briefly—pray, seek your own healing, listen to & observe others who parent well, and build up your community. Instead, I want to talk about a few practical tips! . 1) Plan. When my husband & I took in our teen placement we had no rhythm to our lives. We quickly realized the young man needed stability & predictability to eliminate anxiety & outbursts. We started the mornings off at the same time together with a devotion, implemented alone time throughout the day, & planned a time for chores & dinner. . If you know me & my husband, you know schedules are not our strong suit. However, during this time schedules became a part of our lives that offered strength to our household. . 2) Throw away the trash bags your youth carries their belongings in from home to home and buy them a suitcase to take with them. In many cases our belongings symbolize what we are and what we have. These youth are not trash. They are treasures. This is a small simple way to show them that. . 3) Make a “yes” food basket! Nationwide 48 million people live in homes where food is not easily accessible, but food insecurities are not commonly talked about. So when you hide food from children to prevent them from hoarding food, it can appear as if you are hoarding food yourself. . Keep a basket out on the counter for the children to physically see. The basket should hold healthy options you can say yes to when a child wants a snack or to offer as an alternative option when a child is caught hoarding or taking food. . Every child and sibling group is different but as my husband and I have done respite and fostered these three have helped us the most! What other tips and tricks would you offer?
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