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Haven’t shown my face round here in a while.
14 hours ago
✨ PERKS OF COACHING:⁣ ⁣ • Knowing someone in pretty much any state you decide to visit⁣ • Creating a healthier lifestyle for yourself⁣ • Feeling fulfilled and living out your passion⁣ • Connecting with new friends across the world⁣ • Inspiring other people to make healthy changes⁣ • Getting to work from literally anywhere⁣ • Gaining a community and unconditional support⁣ • Developing yourself emotionally + mentally⁣ ⁣ This job is super freaking rewarding and really doesn’t FEEL like a ‘job’ most days. I am forever grateful that I get to be here with you, sharing my journey and connecting every day. But the BEST perk of the job is getting to help you; THAT is where my passion is - helping YOU see that living a healthier lifestyle doesn’t have to be lonely or scary. YOU can do this too! 🤙🏽
9 hours ago
💛Summer Lovin!💛
1 day ago
. During my consultation visits recently I can’t help but notice that more often than not the windows are closed tight and the curtains are drawn in homes. There’s no fresh air or natural light in the house. Guys, if there’s ONE thing I know you should do during this TIME AT HOME is LET THE FRESH AIR & SUNSHINE IN! Get rid of stale living smells by flinging open the windows in the morning for a little while and raise the blinds or open the curtains to let the sun light up your home. Sunlight helps kill bacteria in household dust but more than that it’ll just make you FEEL better! A light, fresh home does wonders for your well being not to mention your health.
2 days ago
the golden days 🌞
21 hours ago

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When the sun was hot, the fashion was slow. Our editorial aimed to raise awareness and funds for @walk_with_rangers . A foundation started by the inspirational @raabia.hawa that documents and improves the lives of park rangers who protect our national parks from poaching. In particular elephant poaching. . @jaynebaily for @arraeicollective @thisilk @westperro @ashleysummer.co @hannahlavery.sa . . . . . #capetown #capetownfashion #sunshinestateofmind #slowfashion #slowfashionmovement #sustainablefashion #fashionfilm #fashioneditorial #editorial #botanical #southafricanwomen #consciousclothing #fewerbetterthings #matriach #stoppoaching
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Who are we, if not warriors? For we've fought battles everyday in the great silences of heart and mind, overcome insurmountable adversities and sometimes the world didn't even know!🤺🌩⚡⚔ #smiles #love #sunshine #sunshinestateofmind #warriors #warriorheart #battlesofthemind #victory #neversaydieattitude💪 #wondersoflife
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It's a hat kinda day....how can that be in mid July??!!!😫.....bring back the sunshine please! 🌞🌞 #summervibes #sunshinestateofmind #hat #frio #haterain #needsun
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