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Quando o lugar é lindo e a modelo mais ainda 💛🍃 @luanafiuza_ O que acharam? . . . #photography #photo #photoshoot #portrait #portraitphotography #girl
6 hours ago
Milan Fashion Week has rolled around again... but this time it’s digital. The June men’s shows were cancelled but the summer collections for next year are finally being revealed. @cameramoda #milanodigitalfashionweek #mfw #ad
28 minutes ago
"i only like white girls." -daniel, age 15 this boy had me questioning my worth and self-image at such a vulnerable age. i was already trying to figure out the world; to be told that my skin colour and ethnic background is what made me less attractive was such a blow to my confidence for so many years. i didn't realize how much it has affected me to hear those words until very recently. so today, i'd like to say to all of these daniel's of the world who rank girls based on race, size, age, or any other factor aside from who they are as beautiful souls: 🖕🏽🖕🏽 #selfcare #radiatelove #bethechange
5 hours ago

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