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Fate and I are both undecided on it You can get all of my books for free right now! Just head to the link in my bio, and download them - 5 books, my life’s work. There IS a donate button if you can give something for them, but that’s up to you and if that’s possible for you. Doing it bc life’s been bad lately, and we need more light in the world. Cheers 🕊 follow my personal page: @farawaaayyy
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⚠️LONG CAPTION AHEAD⚠️ As many of you know, I recently released my first chapbook of poems, Alternative Universes! It is an emotive, surreal, and imaginative collection. Each poem offers a world that readers can inhabit and make their own, even if just for a little while. Recently, I’ve been thinking a lot about what my art and I contribute to the world. Writing is an inherently collaborative act, and I think of my poems as my contribution to the ongoing conversation(s) of the world. That’s why I’ve decided to donate half of my personal proceeds from the chapbook. I will be splitting the money I am donating between the Black Trans Femmes in the Arts Collective (@btfacollective ) and Black Love Resists in the Rust. I recently stumbled across the former organization and admire deeply the work they are doing by creating spaces for black trans womxn in the arts. The latter organization is dedicated to transformation and reform in my hometown of Buffalo, NY and does great work creating space for black organizers in the city. It is clearer now than ever how important it is to give back, which is why I have decided to donate proceeds from my first chapbook to the communities that have helped shape me and my poems: the arts community and the community of my hometown. If you already bought a copy, don’t worry! Half of ALL my personal proceeds will be donated, regardless of when the book was purchased! If you haven’t purchased a copy yet, THE LINK TO PURCHASE IS IN MY BIO. The print version is almost sold out, so act quick!
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Thank you for being the person who makes people feel okay when they’re not okay. 💛
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Dust yourself off. #affirmations #mantra #topherkearby
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