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Mais uma do ensaio que fiz com a maravilhosa @euretratos
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Sorry about the dog hair on my socks I just got done working out 🥵😅 Hope everyone had a happy fourth of July, sorry for not posting I was quite busy this weekend! Did you guys do anything fun?
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Just because you aren’t doing heavy weight DOES NOT mean you aren’t getting shit done! Having correct form is KEY in your workouts. It prevents injuries and will help you increase your weight later on. Remember, it’s a process! 1. 5x15 fast squat push press 2. 5x12 slow overhead wide grip squat (take your time and breath through the movement! Don’t forget to push your butt back first) 3. 5x12 standing up right row (had to give y’all a little dance show first) 4. 5x15 good mornings 5. 5x20 back leg narrow grip lung (keep your arms straight and by your ears!) 6. 5x12 single arm press #yurobinsonfitness #barbell #barbellworkout #barbellsandponytails #barbells #leg #legs #legworkouts #legwork #shoulderworkout #shoulder #shoulders #shouldersworkout #shoulderstrength #fitnessmotivation #fitchicks #gymmotivation #gymlife
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