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5 hours ago
I use to be her 💛 . The girl spending endless minutes on the elliptical, literally hiding in the cardio area, terrified of the weigh room, and yes, frustrated to tears with seeing no results... . Today I can walk into the gym- ANY gym- and sashay into a male dominated weight room with a “step-aside” attitude . It’s not ego, it’s self confidence . Of course the aesthetic benefits of weight lifting are un paralleled, but there’s something more powerful, on a deep level that started to happen the day I picked up my first dumbbell . Weight lifting is my therapy- my self doubt crusher- my “weaker gender” i don’t think so card- my self confidence booster- my mental health warrior- my self love teacher- and my reminder that I am in fact STRONG as a mother 💪 . Every time I pick up that iron I remind myself that I am so much more powerful than my thoughts and emotions . Every time I hit the gym I am shattering the perception of the limitations of women and proving how absolutely powerful and enduring the female body truly is (as if giving birth isn’t enough amiright 🤪) . LADIES . Are you done spinning? (literally!) . You want to start... but don’t know where to begin? Let me help with a custom designed training program, nutrition program and support EVERY step of the way! 💪 . Comment 🙌 LIFT 🙌 below if you’re ready to finish the last half of 2020 physically and mentally stronger than ever!
3 hours ago

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Someone teach me how to flex cause I have no idea wut I'm doing. #Gains #kinda
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