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Some of the summer drink YCHs from the first batch! 🍋 I have a few more to finish from the first round, but I’m definitely going to reopen these when I’m done. They’re so fun to do! :) - They will cost $25 USD. If you would like to be pinged when the second batch opens, feel free to let me know! My pinglist is filling up a bit, but I will hopefully be able to do multiple rounds of these - [#furrycommunity #furry #furryfandom #animalart #furries #fursona #furrypride #fursuit #furryart #furryartist #anthroart #anthroartist #procreate #furrycommission #furryadopt ]
7 hours ago
Holding a raffle for 10k !! Win a headshot like the piece above. You know how it goes, share this post to your story, be following me and tag one friend in the comments !! Winner will be pulled on 7/15! #anthro #anthroart #Furryart #furryartist #furryartwork #anthrooc #furry
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1 day ago
I got nostalgic for OG Haphazard so I made a classic Hap reboot sketch page ;;💖💖 this dude is almost 7 years old. Who remembers ‘em? 👀 — Now Hap is a non-binary fennec fox! ANY pronouns!!! Just seems a bit more fitting b/c I often like drawing him more feminine or androgynous. :)✨ So I guess he’s my first nb character!! 💖 — This design isn’t final! Just a quick redraw of my old design. :) — #hapscharacters #myart #furryart #furries #fursona
1 day ago
If you don’t follow my merch/human art account (@creamyfangz go follow it 👀) id like to introduce you to Fangz, my kaiju kitty !! This is her kaiju form, she has a human form too !! 🖤✨ this cute lil drawing is being made into a sticker and possibly a charm, would anyone be interested in a charm of this??? 👉👈 maybe also suggest some other ideas in the comments 👀 ˚✧₊⁎—————————⁎⁺˳✧༚ Comments and shares mean the world to me and help me out tons~! ˚✧₊⁎—————————⁎⁺˳✧༚ #furry #art #furryfandom #furryart #kaiju #kaijukitty
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