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Que seu sorriso seja seu maior escudo, que os males da vida não te abalem, busque sempre sua melhor versão. 💙🌬️☁️ . . . . #photooftheday #pic #girl #girly #tattooergirl #tattoomodel #suicidegirls #tattooart #fotografia #foto #arte #smile #tbt #fit #fitgirls
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Happy Friday! I hope your upcoming weekend is filled with adventure, fun, and living your life!!! ☀️ #flexfriday #livingmybestlife #sawtoothmountains
4 hours ago
running on empty today with only 4 hours of sleep last night and a weeks worth of rubbish sleeping patterns 😅 but I am so excited to be able to see my sister this weekend after months apart 🤍✨ I hope you have a lovely weekend! . P.s... how adorable is this little top? and this beachy bracelet stack? 🐚 they're both from @zaful & you can actually save some 💰 with my code 'marnie' ✨ thank you so much if you do use it & enjoy! #gifted
1 day ago
Love neutrals. 🌊 Photo by @stathisbouzoukas 📸
8 hours ago

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Did not have much energy or time to workout during my (very hectic) first week at my new job. There is a lot to do and there are limited people. I have to walk/stand on the lab the whole day. You can also sit on a chair but you have to get up every 3 minutes or so to walk to a centrifuge or get new pipette tips etc. 😂 After all the months writing my thesis from home on my chair this walking is something my body has to get used to again. So my energy level is very low now, I am considering to increase my calories although I'm in my cut. But I managed to go to the gym this evening and although I felt really weak it was nice to do some strength training 🙌
2 minutes ago