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I’m determined to come out of 2020 and be able to look back and say “I achieved XYZ” . I have been busy throughout lockdown using the extra time to focus on other exciting things in my personal life whilst also prepping for a show and have also been lucky enough to remain working the whole time which I am soo grateful for. . I’m determined to turn this year around and make it a great one for sure✨ . Still soo many exciting things to look forward to towards the end of this year..... Watch this space☄️
2 hours ago
🍽🍷 - Skagen
2 hours ago
Wha-wha-what did you say? Oh, you're breaking up on me. Sorry, I cannot hear you, I'm kinda busy...
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Oggi allenamento con il mio coach @filippomasucci . Mi ha ricordato cosa abbiamo in gioco, e che devo dare sempre il massimo in ogni ripetizione e in ogni serie, e adesso si continua a guardare avanti con un’altra visione e con una determinazione ancora più alta. @teammasucci #teammasucci👊 #filippomasucci #workout #backday #yamamotonutrition #coach #motivation #passion #bodybuilding #bodybuilder #classicphysique
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While I absolutely cherish the time I devoted to ultramarathon training and will always have incredible takeaways from completing long endurance challenges, the gym is where it all clicks for me. I started lifting when I was 14 years old and instantly fell in love with it. One of the reasons why I wanted to devote a large chunk of time to endurance running is because it was a weakness of mine. It never quite felt natural, but that made completing the ultramarathons all that much better. On the other hand, strength training and bodybuilding feels natural to me. I’ve missed it and it’s good to be back!
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Göğüs Antrenmanında Alev aldığımız anlardan 🔥🔥🔥 Aşağıya idmanı bırakıyorum deneyin!! . İncline Dumbell Bench Press 5x15-12-12-10-8--son set drop! . İncline Dumbell Fly 3x15-12-10 . Smith Machine Bench Press 5x15-12-12-10-8--- son set drop! . Pec Dec Fly 3x15-12-10 her sette tekrarların negatifi 3sn . Cable Crossover 3xmax tekrar ağır kilo ile(en az 15 tekrar çıkıcak bir kilo ayarlayın) . Arka Kol 💪 . Triceps Pushdown 4x15-12-12-10-- son set drop! . Overhead Ez bar Triceps 3x15-12-10 --her sette negatif tekrarlar 3 sn. . One arm cable pushdown 3xmax tekrar en az 15 tekrar çıkarabileceğiniz bir kilo olmalı!! . Deneyin bakalım sevicekmisiniz idmanı 😅🔥🔥💪
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Using different variations for exercises is always one of those things I enjoy experimenting with in the gym. One of the benefits I’ve always seen is that it allows you to work the same muscle groups for longer durations, providing more time for tension on your main muscle group. Accessory muscles tend to burn out far more quickly than your larger muscles, so I’ve found that working multiple variations of the same exercise allows me to burn out the main muscle a little better and helps me reach a better mind-muscle connection. Here’s today’s pull day: - Pull-ups: 5xF - Wide Grip Lat Pulldowns: 4x10 - Reverse Close-Grip Lat Pulldowns: 4x10 - Pendlay Row: 6x12 - Cable Straight Arm Lat Pulldowns/Cable Curls: 4x15 - Alternating Dumbbell Curls (hammer grip to supinated grip): 4x12 - 500m Row: 4 sets max effort - [ ] #infantry #bodybuilding #bodybuilder #physique #tacticalathlete #infantryman #bruteforcesandbags #iam1stphorm #militarymuscle #supportmilitarymuscle #usarmy #usaf #usnavy #usmc #uscg #nationalguard #fitnessmotivation #fitness #fitspo #fitspiration #igfitness #igfit #noexcuses #trusttheprocess #trainaccordingly #1stphorm #heytrythis #legionofboom #functionalfitness #warriorathlete
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Shout out out to @phdeadlift he motivated me to start hitting some trap bar deads. First time hitting these in idk how long lol. Happy with today though 👍🏾 i think its a bit more than 495. This trap bar is weird af lol #muscle #muscles #gains #deadlift #gainz #fit #fitness #bodybuilder #bodybuilding #physique #classic #natural #npc #flex #motivation #inspiration #progress
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