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Back in Germany but already missing the gorgeous Algarve beaches.. 🏖 This beach is called Praia do Torrado and is located close to Portimão.
1 day ago
Al termine di una estenuante salita fatta di strada sterrata e di scalini sconnessi, si raggiunge la sommità di una montagna dove si trova il monumento più grande di Petra. Gli oltre ottocento gradini meritano però la fatica, perché il Monastero è davvero impressionante. 🇯🇴 N.B. Altamente sconsigliata la salita e soprattutto la discesa con il Mulo... ne sanno qualcosa i miei amici @biancaditullio e @freddy_casty ... 😂🐴👳🏽‍♂️ ________________________________________________________ #Jordan #Petra #petramonastery #yourshotphotographer
4 hours ago
Van egy kastély Magyarországon, amelynek a 4 évszaknak megfelelően van 4 bejárata, 12 hónapnak megfelelően 12 tornya, az 52 hétnek megfelelően 52 szobája és a 365 napnak megfelelően 365 ablakszeme. Ez a kastély pedig nem más, mint a Tiszadobi Andrássy Kastély. 🇭🇺 Te jártál már itt❓ #bakancslistamagyarország 📸: @fly_laci
4 hours ago
Florida gang.
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Di Muka Sana Pulau Ternate so dapa lia Gunung Gamalama. . #backpacker #exploreindonesia
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Spent 9 days on the AT (Appalachian Trail) from Amacolola to Unicoi Gap. Amazing time with awesome critters. - Georgia AT - Big and small Plain and colored Alive with breath or Alive through sun Beautiful is all In this holy land Of lean and green All stand tall At the top of the hill Non shall fall AT takes your call With one step forward Time and again Camp to camp Shelter to shelter Sun up, sun down Sunshine, rain blind Mud, cudge, and sludge River flowing down the trail Pitch it up Pack it down Pack it in Pack it out Keep it clean Don't be mean Leave no trace Hike with grace Feel the history of life Bears, cats, turkeys Natives of the land Same waterhole Centuries old Enjoy the scene Smiles with sheen Breath in the mountain air Taking every step with care Come on out, don't be shy The AT shall provide #hiking #backpacker #camping #AT #appalachiantrail #poem
1 minute ago
❌MEMES TODOS LOS DÍAS SI ME SIGUES ❌❤️🤩 Y DAS LIKE TU GFA SERÁ ETERNA ❤️ AMÉN 🙏🏻 💮❕❕ •❕❗️ • • • • #memesespañol #memes #mem #memesgraciosos #memesespañol #metime #memesdaily #memesbrasileiros #memepage #funnyvideos #funnymemes #futbol #likeforlikes #like4likes #backpacker #workout #workoutmotivation #workshop
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