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So I created my YouTube channel in 2012,I used to watch tech videos and was inspired to start creating my own content around tech I used to post phones specification videos,I did that for 2yrs but it didn’t work for me so i left it,fast forward to 2017 when I started vlogging my old followers will know that,I did that for few months and left that too because it wasn’t for me again,I was doing a lot of things at this point of time ,I was also experimenting with artworks and Instagram and i liked that more and decided to focus on that,last year I removed old videos because I wanted to do a fresh start, In all these yrs slowly slowly we managed to reach 100k! Wow ,I’ve big plans for YouTube,but the content I want to create is not posible in lockdown so everything is on hold,once this pandemic is gone I will produce content that will be different and unique,thanks for the continuous support guys also big love for the people who know me from my old vlogging days #VMSquad ,Keep your love strong will be back with a bang on YT❤️ #vijaymahar
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13 hours ago
“The Night we met “ from 13 Reason why,one my all time favourite song this is the intro part I’m learning full song,it’s Been 1.5 month since I’m learning guitar,let me know how’s it ❤️
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2 days ago
Learning,Practising and improving. Here is my second sketch, the drastic difference is obvious here from my 1st one and its only because I’m loving the process,if you are forced to do something then it won’t work ,if you do something just because someone else is doing and getting the attention then my friend it’s not for you ,do what you find interesting and thats how you’ll be good,btw big shoutout to “Rapidfireart” on YouTube for the tutorial you must check it out if you wanna learn,also let me know how’s the bun. #vijaymahar #drawing #art #sketch
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3 days ago
Your dreams will define how large your life will be,I’ve always dreamed out of the box and achieved some of them and always working for the next one,but just dreaming will never work get up and start grinding and you’ll get what you want. #vijaymahar #thoughts #art
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4 days ago
Music is peace. #vijaymahar #thoughts #art
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5 days ago
“Attention Seeker” So I did drawing after 9-10 yrs ,last one was in school and I was so afraid to draw again because I thought I forgot to draw and never tried in recent years but today I decided to finally do it and here it is it may not be the best but for me this is incredible,I didn’t watch any tutorial ,I opened my photo on laptop,picked up the pencil and just did it ,what I learned is you don’t know what you can do because you have locked the thought that you “can’t “ do it,so just do it because you CAN. #vijaymahar #drawing #art #sketch
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6 days ago
These broken Glasses have no Glass but still, they look great, life is not about trying to be perfect all the time, life is about making the most out of what you have, nothing is worthless and that's the key to happiness. #vijaymahar #thoughts #art
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7 days ago
𝐓𝐡𝐞 𝐒𝐭𝐨𝐥𝐞𝐧 𝐃𝐫𝐞𝐚𝐦 Artwork. A story of a Dream that was stolen, A dreamer was born with the talent that can surpass the darks, the dreamer never paid attention to the darks and kept chasing his dreams, but the darks always had their dark eyes on his dreams and they knew they would never be able to achieve what the dreamer can, they knew the dreamer had what it takes to become the supreme so they plot to steal it and one day they took away everything the dreamer had and left him with nothing, The End I know the story is sad but its the dark truth and that's the way this world works, You have to fight for your dreams,the world will try to put you down but never give up. #TheStolenDream #vijaymahar #concept #art #thoughts #story
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8 days ago
“The Stolen Dream” Artwork 1 July 2020 9.30Pm “kyu kuch sapne sapne hi reh jate hain, kyu jis ladai ko salo se ladte rahe the hum,uski jeet hamari thi hi nahi, Kyu gire hum lekin uthe wo, kyu jis chiz haqdar hum hain wo hamse chin k kisi or ko dedi jati hain, kyu mehnat ka rang nahi dikhta, kyu kuch sawalo jawab nahi hota.”
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10 days ago
The calm around is not pleasant , having everything I miss something,I know there is something in this world waiting for me and I’m waiting for it,don’t know when I’ll get it but I guess that’ll complete me. #vijaymahar #thoughts #art
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12 days ago
It’s ok for a Father,Husband,Son or a Brother to Cry,this society has taught us “Men don’t cry” but fuck that , crying is not a sign of weakness it shows we have a heart,we feel,Crying helps you heal ,let your pain out it will help you feel better and happier.people will judge you no matter what,put your emotions first before anything else,it’s ok .❤️ #vijaymahar #concept #thoughts #artwork #art
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14 days ago
Imagination is the most powerful tool of an Artist. #vijaymahar #concept #artwork #art
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15 days ago