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Who’s the happy kid in the block? Any guesses? 🤓
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8 hours ago
ਹੀਰ 🌙
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2 days ago
We are nothing but our skin and bones...🌙🪐🌍 Made of stardust , around stardust..
28.2k 366
2 days ago
Electric dreams ⚡️
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4 days ago
Look from an upcoming project! How’d you guys like it?🥰🧡
19.4k 333
5 days ago
All smiles! 🦋❤️Soon
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6 days ago
Met this tiny gentleman on a shoot in Goa and oh god how hard was to be able to get a picture with sir! Star qualities attract , what to do🤷🏻‍♀️😛
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6 days ago
Some things in life are meant to happen just to put you in focus. 🎯🧘‍♀️
27.2k 477
8 days ago
Literally how I feel about 2020 to get over, in a picture 🙄🤬
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10 days ago
#soulawakening 🌸🧿💫🌈
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11 days ago
Sometimes we take life, love and happiness so much for granted , that we just forget how uncertain it is,in nature. The fact that we can smile, we can eat food , we can speak what’s in our mind and the fact that we can love and receive love ,itself is enough to be so grateful for ! Some incidents and situations in your life are exactly placed where they have to be , just to make you realise how the smallest things are the most important. We all take life a little too seriously, pause and pray for yourself and your family for a good health and that’s enough. Thankyou for all the lovely get well soon messages. Your love means the world to me. 🙏🏻 I’m recovering by god’s grace and will be okay very soon ❤️ I love you all so so much .
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12 days ago
Will be back all healthy very soon❤️🙏🏻
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14 days ago