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Just because she was Dark & Overweight she didn’t fit into the Little Miss Perfect group. Well Karma soon settled the score. New video is now live on my channel. #endcolorism #motivation #karma #RajMantra
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19 hours ago
Where there is Love there is Life 🥰 @theshilpashetty you complete me 😇 #blessed #love #lifepartner
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3 days ago
Stay true in the dark and humble in the spotlight. This picture speaks a thousands words of our Indian culture. Proud to be Indian 🙏 #RajMantra #India #Humble #Love #Respect
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4 days ago
That Friday lockdown feeling! Time for some Funtra #RajFuntra #ironman #lockdown2020 To all the haters and negative people out there...All I have to say is why don’t you go 2020 yourself!!! For those spreading love and positivity stay blessed Good times are just around the corner 😇🙏🧿 P.S I think I make a pretty good Indian Ironman what day? 😅
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6 days ago
It’s 2020 ANYTHING is possible 🙏🧿🤗😅 #RajFuntra P.S: No animals were hurt in the making of this meme 😇 #Vegan
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8 days ago
Monday Motivation for entrepreneurs 🙏 whilst we can’t keep everyone happy try and keep everyone together 🧿 #quotes #stevejobs #motivation #rajmantra
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10 days ago
Maa for me this word translates to GOD 🙏 all parents seek is a little time with their loved ones but todays Generation is so busy in today’s world that time is just taken for granted. A story of a dying mother & how karma teaches her son a valuable lesson. Out today Link in Bio #maa #rajmantra 🙏🧿
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14 days ago
Some midweek laughter 😁🙏😇🧿 after all laughter is the best medicine 🤣#rajfuntra
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15 days ago
#mondaymotivation All the world needs is a few good people 😇🙏🧿 #rajmantra #love Be a good human being before anything else. #positivity
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17 days ago
Don’t miss my son shouting action 😅 he wanted to show off his editing and vfx skills so here you go 🧿😇 Cats #punjabi power 😅 🐅
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19 days ago
Great things in business are never done by one person they are done by a team! Teamwork means to lead by example and not pass on the buck! Have you ever had a boss that puts the load on you and then takes all credit?? #Karma #RajMantra #teamwork today @4pm new video link in Bio 🙏🧿
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21 days ago