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Reposted from @christinapoku • Wishing for growth through the darkness. Black Lives Matter. ✊🏾⁠ “Freedom is the right to grow, it’s the right to blossom.” - Assata Shakur⁠ A print of my photo is available as part of the Anti-Racism Photography Fundraiser. @antiracismphotofundraiser is raising vital funds for Black British charities and organizations @theblackcurriculum and @existloudly which support the Black community through education reform, mental health awareness and accessibility, and LGBTQ+ services and safe spaces.
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6 days ago
Reposted from @sacree_frangine • Say it with your voice, say it with your chest, say it with your words, but say it.⁠ #strongertogether #blacklivesmatter
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7 days ago
Reposted from @temi.coker • “Don't try to erase me. my Creator drew my Color in permanent ink” - @anjolacoker -⁠ BLACK LIVES MATTER TO GOD. // original photo by @oladimeg
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14 days ago
Reposted from @smwallday • field of justice | 2020 • I am not the best sometimes when it comes to words, especially when I’m angry or triggered. so I use my art to express how I feel and currently (well for a while now), I am beyond fed up with the injustice of my people. when will it end? when will we actually be free? to me, freedom means to not live in fear, to not have to look over one’s shoulder. freedom is a birthright, not a right that’s supposed to be given/taken away from us. and I hate when people say “history repeats itself” as that somehow justifies why nothing has changed over these decades. I am proud to be who I am, but what makes me different than anyone else.. the pigment of my skin—my melanin should be embraced.. it is not a threat to others. people are so stuck in their own ways or old mindsets that they can’t even see the problem and how cruel they are to us. where’s the justice? how many bodies have to be buried for people to wake up and realize that nothing hasn’t really changed. when will this end? all we want is freedom & justice.⁠ •⁠ limited edition prints available⁠ link in bio⁠ •⁠ created with @photoshop ⁠ op: unsplash⁠ •⁠ commission/inquiries: ⁠ or visit link in bio.⁠
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19 days ago
Art can be more than just entertainment. In @LadyGaga ’s Chromatica, she explores a new world through music and dance. Now, we want to see the power of your art. Design your own Chromatica using your favorite @Adobe apps and share it using #LadyGagaxAdobe to enter the contest. Link in bio.
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20 days ago
Reposted from @4ur3lia • We all chose what we want to fight in life. I won’t tell you more of what my work is all about here. Scroll into my gallery and see what’s my fight as a black woman artist.⁠ Please share this post everywhere. I allow you to do it and don’t forget to tag my Instagram name.⁠ Do not use it to make merchandise. ❌
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21 days ago
Reposted from @hippiechiklifestyle • Yesterday getting on IG literally crushed my spirit ... shit everyday really.......but yesterday specifically I was in tears scrolling down my timeline before I could even process why. I’ve been wrecking my brain tryna figure out what I’m supposed to be doing right now.... I so desperately wanna figure something out. Right now I’m just journaling on my blog tryna get this chaos out of my head.... but please believe I’m plotting. We need balance in this war.... Light Bearers, Visionaries, and Creatives .... now is our time to do what we do best ✊🏾 *Link in bio to blog post* Talk to me friends!! Let me know what y’all are thinking! Let’s put our brilliant minds together and figure out a way to raise the vibrations of the world and find ways to heal each other Bc we’re gonna need it to win this war! #blacklivesmatter #whogotthaanswers #imtired #burnitdown #exodus #itmightbetimetogobackhometoafrica
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26 days ago
During this time we've taken a step back to pause, reflect, and allow space for other more diverse voices, beyond brands, to be heard. They have spoken; we hear them loud and clear. We now have the responsibility to amplify them on our platform. We are committed to ensuring that the voices of our Black creative community are heard. We will work towards equal representation of artists on our channel. We will continue to listen, learn, and take action. And together, we must dismantle systemic racism. Your stories are important. Your art is loud. We hear you; let's make sure the rest of the world does, too. #BlackLivesMatter
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27 days ago
Hey folks! Jeff ( ) here, bringing you this month’s #Ps _Swipe tutorial. Swipe through to see how I created this giant dinosaur skull piece!⁠⠀ •⁠⠀ Step 1: First, I removed the sky from the base image. I used the Quick Selection tool, then cleaned it up with the Refine Edge tool. Then, I used Warp to slightly extend the sides of the field.⁠⠀ •⁠⠀ Step 2: I moved the subject closer to the camera, using the Lasso and Clone Stamp tools.⁠⠀ •⁠⠀ Step 3: I added in some more grass and trees to the horizon to help extend the scene. I added Curves, Selective Color, and Brightness and Contrast to match the tones and values. Finally, I used the Gradient tool to paint a slight gradient over the top of the tree for a volumetric effect. ⁠⠀ •⁠⠀ Step 4: Now for the fun part! I added the image of the skull, which I got from @adobestock . I adjusted the scale and used a grass brush to mask out the bottom area.⁠⠀ •⁠⠀ Step 5: To blend the skull into the scene, I used Brightness/Contrast, two Curve layers, Selective Color, Exposure and Levels. I painted on each mask to darken areas in the mouth, eyes, and at the bottom of the skull. Then, I lightened areas to the top left since I knew my light source would be there.⁠⠀ •⁠⠀ Step 6: I added a light layer of grunge with Brushes and began to paint the foliage on the skull. I did this in multiple layers starting with a dark green base layer. I went lighter and lighter with each layer to help give the foliage volume and help it match the light source.⁠⠀ •⁠⠀ Step 7: I added a light gradient over the top of the skull to give it a sense of atmosphere and then added in my new sky. It needed a hint of color so I added a Color Fill adjustment layer over top and set the color to aqua with the Blend Mode to "Color Burn".⁠⠀ •⁠⠀ Step 8: Lastly, I went in and hand-painted a bit of grass to touch up some areas and used Camera Raw to give the image a lighter, faded look, to really tie it all together.⁠⠀ •⁠⠀ I hope you all enjoyed this tutorial. Now go make some giant dinosaur skulls!
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1 month ago
A tempest in a teacup by @mahan.khoshhal ⁠ •⁠ What's your beverage of choice? #Ps _Imagine ⁠
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1 month ago
Banana for scale. Piece by @hollyrosestones .⁠ •⁠ If you could nap anywhere, where would it be? #Ps _Imagine⁠ ⁠
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1 month ago
"Honestly, Mr. Bear, I thought Margaritaville would be bigger." Piece by @momoftherebels .⁠ •⁠ What is your favorite children's book? #Ps _Imagine ⁠
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1 month ago