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honeslty, this year was a huge eye opener of how busy and distracted we’ve all been. kinda cool to reflect for a bit ✨
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41 minutes ago
love this pic bc it’s so cute and happy, but tbh my shadow was SERVING!
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1 day ago
bringing denim on denim back for @americaneagle 🤍 #aexme #ad
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2 days ago
everybody eats, just don’t show up empty handed
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4 days ago
thinking about you 🤍
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5 days ago
nothing can stop what we do together. @nikelosangeles #niketeam
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5 days ago
no makeup been my new favorite 🥰
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6 days ago
inspired by my phone case 🤳 nails by @onailedit + case from @casetify
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7 days ago
play your song on full volume, sing along loudly, clean your room, open the blinds, drink the damn water. be thankful for today 🤍 the bad ones are behind us and you already done made it though that shit. 🤟
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8 days ago
they know I ball but I ain’t in the league 🤷‍♀️ - my full look is tagged, tap for details ✨ xx #teamnike @nikelosangeles
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8 days ago
hol up
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10 days ago
I’m about to get married and you already know Benjamin Franklin the groom 🤍
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11 days ago