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The Dolomites sure blessed us with some epic inversions last October... still pinching myself over how lucky we got with the weather during our trip. Although it’s seemingly becoming less and less likely we will be making a return trip this fall, I’m excited to spend a whole summer and fall season exploring our home state of Washington. Now, if only that snow would hurry up and melt 🙄 Taken on the @sonyalpha A7R IV and 24-70 2.8 lens. Settings were F8, ISO 300 and 1/160th. #AlphaCollective #BeAlpha
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14 days ago
I saw a photo of this quaint little beach shack on the internet maybe 4-5 years ago now, and ever since I have wanted to visit for myself. Last year @reneeroaming and I were able to make it happen on a trip to Spain and it didn’t disappoint. Photographically this scene was a little challenging. It is located next to a very popular beach, and apparently was a good spot for those wanting to sunbathe topless (as is normal in Europe). As such, navigating a camera was a little awkward. Thankfully the ladies I question were super friendly, but I still wanted to capture this as quickly as possible and put the camera away 😅
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28 days ago
This was one of my favorite moments from our trip to Kenya last year. We watched from beneath this beautiful acacia tree as the sun rose beside Mount Kenya... it was a sight I won’t be forgetting any time soon. Due to the pandemic conservancies such as Ol Pejeta are struggling to stay afloat and pay the rangers that help protect the animals from poachers. I know there’s a lot happening at home right now, but if you can spare any money they could really use your help. You can also donate to enter a competition to win a 5 day safari at Ol Pejeta and visit the last two remaining northern white rhinos in the world like we were lucky to last year. I’ve put a link to this in my bio in case you are interested. This isn’t sponsored in any way, I just fell in love with this place and really appreciate what they are doing for endangered species. Photos taken on the @sonyalpha A9 and A7R III using the Sony 24-70 2.8, 70-200 2.8 and 400mm 2.8. #BeAlpha #alphacollective
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1 month ago
Not going to lie, I was a little nervous about jumping off the boat into the water with dozens of sharks swimming below. I’ve never been a huge water guy, I definitely feel more comfortable on top of a mountain than in the ocean. With that being said, this trip to the islands of Tahiti helped me realize that maybe sharks aren’t so scary after all, and I’m incredibly thankful for the time we spent below the surface in the clearest water I have ever seen. Pictured is @shortstache surrounded by dozens of what I believe are black triggerfish. @tahititourismenorthamerica #SunnierDaysAhead #LoveTahiti
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1 month ago
Hey guys, been a while. Not going to bore you all with too many details of my unexciting quarantine life, but if you happen to see a dude walking the streets of Seattle with a mullet growing from the back (top part) of their head say hi. Honestly thought being a hairdresser couldn’t be too difficult but it turns out I was wrong.
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2 months ago
Impossibly picturesque chapels line the valleys and mountainsides all throughout the Dolomites. I’ve always found it interesting that places of worship seem to have the nicest buildings and the best locations, this is especially the case in a lot of Europe. Thankfully this makes for some pretty great photo opportunities, such as this little one with what might be the most beautiful backdrop I have ever seen.
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5 months ago
This was my favorite sunset of our Dolomites trip from last fall. We arrived at this location a couple of hours before sunset, and a picture-perfect cloud inversion danced below us. As luck would have it the clouds stayed low all the way until sunset, which gave us lots of time to shoot photos as well as hang out and enjoy the moment. Here’s @reneeroaming doing just that 🏔
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5 months ago
Over Christmas we were lucky enough to stay at the always enchanting @tyehaus - a place we have visited many times now but never gets old. We watched movies by the fire, the cabin illuminated only by the faint glow from the Christmas tree. We played board games with friends, and ate delicious food (probably too much). We enjoyed a soak in the hot tub, surrounded by the crisp winter air. Best of all we spent time with each other, and not on our computers doing work. Always thankful for these short getaways that allow me to reset my mind and focus on what’s important.
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5 months ago
We were fortunate enough to get some absolutely insane conditions on our autumn trip to the Dolomites, and this morning was one of the highlights. Perched above the clouds, this stranger walked out onto the ledge at just the perfect time for me to capture them enjoying this pretty epic view. Shot on @sonyalpha A7R IV and 24-70 2.8 lens. 1/100 at f9 and ISO 100. #BeAlpha #AlphaCollective
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5 months ago
Two of the most memorable experiences Renee and I had during our recent trip to Kenya were in Samburu & Buffalo Springs National Reserve. The first was when we happened upon a very full and lazy cheetah that was just hanging out beneath a tree. We watched for a bit, but our guide warned us that due to its fully belly it probably wouldn’t be moving for a while. As luck would have it she got up and walked straight towards our vehicle, and I was able to capture this image before she walked off into the hills behind us. The second was when we were viewing a pride of lions that were hiding behind a tree to escape the midday sun. The lions were also right by a river, and in the distance we spotted a heard of elephant getting ready to cross the river right towards us (and the lions). As the elephants came up the embankment, they spotted the lions and made sure to let them know who was in charge. A couple of false charges and loud eruptions from their trunks sent the lions retreating from their current resting spot to let the elephants pass by. Swipe to check out a short video of the encounter! (Make sure to have your sound on) Thanks to @ashnillodges Samburu Camp for having us during our stay in Samburu & Buffalo Springs National Reserve, we definitely hope to be back some day! AshnilSamburu All photos taken on the @sonyalpha a9 and a7RIII, with a variety of Sony lenses | #AlphaCollective #BeAlpha
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7 months ago
This was a morning I won’t be forgetting any time soon. @reneeroaming and I woke up at 3am to go for a sunrise hike. It was still dark, but as we rose above the clouds we knew we were going to be in for a treat. After the sun had risen and we were finished with our photos, we decided to go for a walk around the meadows and found this cute little cabin with what has to be one of the most beautiful views on earth. I wouldn’t mind coming up here every now and again for some alone time, would you? Shot on the @sonyalpha A7R IV and 24-70 lens. F4, 1/2000, ISO 100 #AlphaCollective #BeAlpha
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8 months ago
Iceland was an absolute blast, and the two scenic flights were my favorite moments of the trip. We did the first flight with the @sonyalpha crew, and the second flight was a surprise 30th birthday present to me that @reneeroaming set up with @volcanopilot - both were travel experiences I will never forget. It even worked out that a local friend of our pilot was in the area as we passed by this incredibly vibrant river. He was happy to pose for a few photos for us 😎 Nearly every photo I took from the plane was with the A7R IV and 24-70 2.8. This was my go-to setup for most of Iceland and really was perfect for most situations. #BeAlpha #AlphaCollective #AICdoesIceland
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8 months ago