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she said she wanted a horse
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21 days ago
if you’re a turd im a turd @josiecanseco
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23 days ago
This is Nylarose. We walked together for 10 miles yesterday. I asked how she was feeling. She said exhausted. I asked her what it was like growing up as a black woman in Alabama. She said lonely. I asked what she was most scared of when she came out as gay. She said herself. “You can’t be black AND gay,” she joked. As she wept over the sirens, the horns, and the crowd’s uproar for equality, I told her I’ll do everything I can to make sure she never has to cry those tears again. White people — It’s been over 400 years of injustices and the “United” States of America still haven’t figured it out. Become an ally. Get uncomfortable, have the difficult conversations, show up to a protest, support black owned businesses, unlearn and educate yourself about the black experience. Amplify the voices of your brothers and sisters... our white ancestors caused this shit, we gotta fix this shit. Racism ends with our generation ✊✊🏾✊🏼✊🏿✊🏽
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1 month ago
black. lives. matter.
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1 month ago
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1 month ago
After a two year evolution of @MaverickClothing , we wanted to lead with something that truly elevated the brand. Today we give you the all-new #LivingProof Collection, a celebration of your inimitable individuality and uniqueness... This is for the dreamers, the people who take risks, create their own path, and rise in the face of adversity. We know you’re going to love our product. Grab your gear at (Link In Bio)
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1 month ago
i can’t read, but I’m sure @heybigmike ’s new book is great. he shoved 10 years of heroin addiction, violence, tragedy, trauma, AND most importantly: his road to recovery... into 250 pages of brilliance. so we surprised him with a big ol’ billboard on the walk of fame. do yourself a favor and go get “The Fifth Vital” now on @Amazon (Link in Bio)
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2 months ago
you don’t know it, but this girl is the GLUE behind Team Maverick. after 2 years of assisting my tomfoolery, i finally bought @danilstrobel her favorite vehicle - a 2020 Jeep Grand Cherokee (it should also be known that she’s letting me drive her old 2003 Jeep Cherokee off a cliff; the assisting never stops) 😈 we couldn’t take this pic seriously because ive never been on dani’s back because why the fuck would i be there. it’s weird to regularly be on your assistant’s back... i take employee harassment laws very seriously. anyways thank you for everything Dani, i love you! (in a platonic way)
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2 months ago
quarantine 1 logan paul 0 tag a bungee cord @dwarfmamba
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2 months ago
meet my new partner in crime, @SirTheGrey 🐦 he’s an African Grey Parrot with the intellect of a 5 year old and the ability to speak up to 1,000 words. He’s a baby now but this little dude has a lifespan of 40-60 years so i hope we like each other 😂 To Sir: I know you can’t read this cuz you’re a bird n what not, but I’m beyond excited to welcome you to our dysfunctional little family and watch you carry on the legacy of Maverick the Parrot.
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2 months ago
me leaving my room for the first time in 2 days for snacks 🥨 tag a snack
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2 months ago