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In this episode of #LrInsiderTips , Adobe Evangelist @jkost takes you through three key tips to maximize editing productivity. Tune in next month for more Lightroom Mobile tips.
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4 days ago
Reposted from @adraintbereal • There’s so much to be learned by embracing Black people and our essence. Almost every other group of people in America has gained their rights from years of labor and death of Black people. It’s been time for a long time, that we are equally respected as individuals. This movement is about us, but so many more people will benefit from the exhaustion of our community. This shouldn’t be the end of anybody's newfound commitment to ending racism and fighting for justice. Do more than hire someone Black. Integrate required readings about unlearning racism, something that many of you don’t think you are capable of. Recommend a Black woman for a position she might not have the privilege of being considered for. Eat at a Black-owned restaurant. Advocate for reparations for Black people beyond dollar bills. (Free schooling, rebuild community programs, and support the end of income-based section 8 housing) There is a lot of work to be done and I hope your advocacy doesn’t end next week. I hope you don’t decide that you’ve done enough after your letter is shared and you’ve read one book about racism. I hope you keep making strides for equality every day. It’s needed in the booth, the workplace, the grocery store, college campuses, your homes, and everywhere really. And when you make those strides, don’t pat yourself on the back because you did it. Don’t pat yourself on the back at all, because the freedoms you naturally can afford in your day to day life, do not extend to Black people. This fight is for us and our daily freedoms. With that, go to to the link in my bio to find out how you can continue to support us
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5 days ago
Reposted from @byalexishunley • May 30th, 2020 I’m not sure where to start. I made it home last night at exactly 7:57 pm. And as I sat in my car shaking I realized I was not okay. The cruelty I witnessed by the police yesterday on Fairfax will stay with me forever. Y’all have seen the videos and the posts. It is soooo difficult to accurately describe the mix of rage and sorrow I am still experiencing. The love I have for every Black person who has marched, protested, and organized past and present is what’s keeping me together. For every non-Black ally that has used their power and privilege to support, protect, and uplift their Black peers you have my love as well - keep going, please.⁠ •⁠ •⁠ •⁠ #byalexishunley #adoberesidency #adobecommunityfund #lightroom #photoshop #canon #quarantinediary #theperfectstorm #femalephotographer #blackfemalephotographer #blackphotographer #laphotographer #losangeles #breonnataylor #georgefloyd #TonyMcDade #blm #icantbreathe #lapd #lasd #laprotests #fairfaxprotests
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7 days ago
Hey everyone, @benjamin_warde here, welcome back to #LightroomLessons . Did you know that you can share your photos and your edits with other Lightroom customers, directly within Lightroom? This isn’t like sharing out to a social media site, because not only are you sharing your photo, you’re also showing off your editing skills! People viewing your photo can see the before and after, and can see the editing steps that you performed to achieve your final look. Share your best photos and their edits to the Lightroom Discover section to connect, inspire, and teach other people who love photography as much as you do! Swipe through the mini tutorial to learn how.⁠⠀ •⁠⠀ Step 1:⁠⠀ Select a great photo that you’ve edited in Lightroom, then tap on the Share icon.⁠⠀ •⁠⠀ Step 2:⁠⠀ Tap on “Share Edit (Beta)”.⁠⠀ •⁠⠀ Step 3:⁠⠀ Give your photo a title and optionally you can also provide a short description of your process.⁠⠀ •⁠⠀ Step 4:⁠⠀ Pick a category for you photo - is it a portrait? A landscape? You can choose up to three categories. You can also let other Lightroom customers download your edit settings as a Preset that they can apply to their own photos! If you’re not cool with that, just turn off “Enable ‘Save as Preset’”.⁠⠀ •⁠⠀ Step 5:⁠⠀ When you’re all set, tap the checkmark in the upper right.⁠⠀ •⁠⠀ Step 6:⁠⠀ You can post a link to social media. If the person tapping the link has Lightroom installed, it will open Lightroom to the Discover section, and display your photo and edits. If the person tapping the link doesn’t have Lightroom installed, it will take them to Lightroom on the web and display your photos and edits there.⁠⠀ •⁠⠀ Step 7:⁠⠀ Want to see everything that you’ve posted to the Lightroom Discover section? Tap on “Discover” (this is also where you can see everything posted by everyone else)…⁠⠀ •⁠⠀ Step 8:⁠⠀ Tap on your profile pic…⁠⠀ •⁠⠀ Step 9:⁠⠀ And tap on “Edits”.⁠⠀
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8 days ago
Reposted from @shotbyjp • Atlanta Protest 2020 (one of my favs).⁠ •⁠ In the middle of all the pain and tears, a friendship blooms with a furry friend. (Also a tattletale was born too but we going to let the little man slide) He was not liking the drones and helicopters near his new friends. ⁠ •⁠ •⁠ From my point of view. I wanted to paint a positive light yet still make you feel like you were there. For everyone that couldn't make it, this is for you. 🖤💯🖤💯🖤💯 • • #justicefofloyd #JusticeForAhmaud #blacklivesmatter #blackphotographers #atlanta @atlantamagazine @cbs46 @blklivesmatter @chanel2news#cbs46 #cnn #channel2news #blackculture @theroots #protest2020 #blackgirlmagic #atlantaprotest #negrodigestmagazine #blackmagazine #atlantaphotographer⁠ #atlprotest #shotbyjp #sayhernamebreonnataylor⁠ #justiceforjamarionrobinson⁠ All images © 2020 Jeremy Perry (shotbyjp)⁠
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12 days ago
Reposted from @kellyaugustineb • TIRED. [a general answer to today’s inquiries]⁣⁠ ⁣⁠ TIRED of having to sort through my feelings. ⁣⁠ TIRED of having the same fight. ⁣⁠ TIRED of [mostly social] media. ⁣⁠ TIRED of having to explain to people why I’m tired. ⁣⁠ TIRED of expecting non-POC people I know and follow to speak up. [this is especially taxing] ⁣⁠ TIRED of not being able to experience a pandemic in peace [ha.]⁣⁠ TIRED of being tired. ⁣⁠ ⁣⁠ just tired, y’all. #BlackLivesMatter #WhyDoWeEvenNeedToSayThis
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14 days ago
Reposted from @mylesloftin • ‘For Nigel (May, 2018)⁣’⁠ ⁣⁠ For Tony⁣⁠ For Layleen⁣⁠ For Monika⁣⁠ For Nina⁣⁠ For McKinsley ⁣⁠ For Gemmel ⁣⁠ ⁣⁠ Your stories are not forgotten⁣⁠ ⁣⁠ Black Queer Lives Matter⁠ #inthelife⁠
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19 days ago
Reposted from @tlpix • I talked to Aria, an LAUD teaching assistant, who was handing out homemade PB&J sandwiches among other snacks. She said, “I see my students harassed by police on and off campus all the time.” She protests for them.⁠ I talked to Rylie, who was saging the street, and she said, “I’m an unmistakable Black woman. Loving how I look, who I am, is why I’m out here today.” She protests for herself, for her brother, “for all Black people everywhere who are children of God.” I talked to Ramona who had a lovely story but didn’t want to show her face. To Rosatzin who came out as “a Native person in support of Black Lives.” And others who drummed and led chants, dance groups dancing on top of a Hummer to old school rock and pink-painted poodles who bite racists.⁠ Thank you LA for coming out for us, thank you for continuing to insist that Black lives matter.⁠ #photojournalism #photoethics #losangeles #protests #blm #protests2020 #hollywood #thisisamerica #blackphotographers
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20 days ago
Reposted from @kernieflakes • happy pride month, the first pride was a riot. I kept sitting on these photo strips, waiting for the Right Meeting to show them in, but the overwhelming silence from the art world is deafening and I don’t give a damn. f**k a meeting. Black lives mattered then and Black lives matter now. if you’re going to fix your lips to complain about anything, remember that you have your rights because of Black and Brown trans women protesting.⁠ #cbcxconfess⁠
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21 days ago
Reposted from @lnweatherspoon • ATLANTA // May 31, 2020. Walking the streets the day after another night of protests was odd. Streets were closed, windows missing, yet there was relief in the energy of the air. Lots of plywood placed on buildings and quiet streets. People drove by to see the damage in disbelief. I believe we’re far from people staying home during the COVID-19 and police brutality pandemics. The main goal is that we all stay vigilant, smart, and safe. #Atlanta #BlackLivesMatter #AtlantaProtest
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26 days ago
During this time we've taken a step back to pause, reflect, and allow space for other more diverse voices, beyond brands, to be heard. They have spoken; we hear them loud and clear. We now have the responsibility to amplify them on our platform. We are committed to ensuring that the voices of our Black creative community are heard. We will work towards equal representation of artists on our channel. We will continue to listen, learn, and take action. And together, we must dismantle systemic racism. Your stories are important. Your art is loud. We hear you; let's make sure the rest of the world does, too. #BlackLivesMatter
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27 days ago
Hey everyone, @benjamin_warde here, welcome back to #LightroomLessons . One way to really make your photos look their best is to sharpen them up a little (especially if you want to print the photo - does anyone besides me still do that?) But when you sharpen your photo ALL the details get brought out - the good stuff that you want, and the bad stuff that you don’t want (like camera noise). Swipe through the mini tutorial to learn the secret Lightroom trick for sharpening only the stuff you actually want to be sharpened!⁠⠀ •⁠⠀ Step 1:⁠⠀ First, make sure you’re in Edit mode.⁠⠀ •⁠⠀ Step 2:⁠⠀ Scroll the edit controls until you see Detail and tap on that.⁠⠀ •⁠⠀ Step 3:⁠⠀ To sharpen the image, drag the Sharpening slider to the right until the image looks good to you. (Bonus tip - double tap on your photo to zoom in so that you can really see the effects of the sharpening.)⁠⠀ •⁠⠀ Step 4:⁠⠀ Here’s the problem - in a big, smooth area with no fine details, there’s nothing to sharpen except noise, so when I increase the sharpening it just makes that big, beautiful sky look super gnarly. (I’ve zoomed in here so that you can see just how bad it looks.)⁠⠀ •⁠⠀ Step 5:⁠⠀ We can fix this! The Masking slider allows us to mask the image so that only part of the image is sharpened. When the Masking slider is at 0, the entire image gets sharpened. As you move the slider to the right, only the most prominent details in the photo get sharpened, and big smooth areas like our sky get left alone.⁠⠀ •⁠⠀ Step 6:⁠⠀ But there’s another problem - it can be hard to tell just how far to move that masking slider. So here’s the secret trick: use TWO fingers to move the masking slider. When you do this, it shows you the mask while you’re dragging the slider. Areas that are white will be sharpened. Areas that are black will not be sharpened. In this case, I just moved the slider up until the sky was all black, but all the details in the water were still white. (Bonus tip - if you’re using Lightroom on a computer you can show the mask by holding down the option key (Mac) or alt key (Windows) while dragging the Masking slider.)
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