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6 hours ago
& that’s on haters in life too, don’t let it get you down!! Especially if you have great things going on in your life! #lgbtq #reels #outfits #feelgood
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21 hours ago
Growing up, I always wanted a nice watch and 2 years ago I was able to buy my first Rolex! I did lots of research to find it and @ebay makes easy to find anything from current to rare vintage time pieces! Check stories for more! #ebay #ebaypartner #liketkit
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1 day ago
Really big hands check.. biggest known to man #hands #bighandscheck #lgbt #gay
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2 days ago
Deep thoughts.. about what’s for breakfast👁👄👁
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3 days ago
Always the first one ready believe it or not😼
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4 days ago
Exposing myself thooo.. I may still dance to Britney haha #gay #lgbtq #lgbt #pride #outfits #reels
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5 days ago
Tanning season is NOT over yet ✨ Happy Friday !
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6 days ago
A smile a day hunnnty😎
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8 days ago
Don’t know who needs to hear this but there is someone out there for everyone ! #advice #next #love #gay #lgbt #pride #relationships
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8 days ago
A scarecrow took these 🙀
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9 days ago
Me b4 coffee ☕️
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10 days ago