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🧡shop all ITEM(s), tomorrow! what product are you most excited for?👇 #wereanitem
18.6k 1,363
17 hours ago
necessary ITEM(s): CHEEK MONEY. ✨ follow the hollows & glow w/ the flow 😎 never mix up your bronzer & contour 🧡discover all items 8.11 #wereanitem
15.6k 871
1 day ago
necessary ITEM(s): POWDER HOUR. ✨excess oil? don’t know her.  🙌 4 sheer shades. perfect for touch-ups on the go 🧡shop 8.11 #wereanitem
41.2k 2,216
2 days ago
necessary ITEM(s): LID GLAZE. ✨make every eye roll count 😉5 shades for every mood 🧡discover all items 8.11 #wereanitem
18.8k 1,222
3 days ago
necessary ITEM(s): BROW CHOW. ✨stay in shape. minus the exercise part.  💪creates feather strokes AND fills brows 🧡coming 8.11 #wereanitem
24.4k 1,163
4 days ago
necessary ITEM(s): LASH SNACK. ✨hangry lashes? we’ve got a snack for that 👀 naturally enhance every single lash for 3X the volume.  🧡shop 8.11 #wereanitem
28.6k 1,289
5 days ago
necessary ITEM(s): LIP QUIP. ✨ layer. treat. kiss. repeat. 💋 1 shade fits all 🧡 coming 8.11 #wereanitem
23.7k 1,331
6 days ago
all ITEM(s): coming 8.11 #wereanitem
30.0k 1,779
7 days ago
it’s what’s inside that counts 🥥🌱☺ #wereanitem #cleanbeauty
45.0k 1,899
10 days ago
lush ingredient line-up #wereanitem
15.9k 773
11 days ago
bye to the bad ❌ good vibes and clean ingredients only #wereanitem
15.7k 857
12 days ago
The only ITEM on my agenda is me. August 2020.
12.2k 560
21 days ago