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Sunday afternoon ft my inner child finding animals in the clouds. ☁️ What do you see? *swipe* 🌼 @suspiciousantwerp ✨ P.s I see a turtle, a dragon & a whale.. Tom see’s a snail & a octopus 🐙 #TheSmallThings
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3 days ago
The only way tom gets me up at 5:15 still smiling. 🌊 Feeling so strong & healthy lately, mentally clear, physically powerful, emotionally grounded & spiritually so connected, it’s been so much work to get myself here, to get each level of my being equally strong! I’ll never regret the time I’ve spent investing in myself, this multi layer, complex being ❤️ Invest in YOU, do the work, get uncomfortable, try new things & be kind to yourself, always. You’re amazing, you matter & you deserve the love you so freely give away. 🦋
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7 days ago
her soul, her spirit. 🦋✨
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9 days ago
Life’s too short to not catch the sunset, have cute picnics, admire nature, indulge in friendships, eat your fav dessert & be cosy doing it. 🌼✨ @aloyoga #TheSmallThings
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13 days ago
Worldwide 5k BEAUTY GIVEAWAY! 🌻 (I can’t fit all product in this photo, check my story) All you have to do is; - Tag a gf & tell them why you love them 💕 - Like this post & Follow me so I can chat to the winners about their beauty needs 💛 ll message you & do my best to match you to some goodies for your skin concerns! ✨ Beauty brands include; @imbibeliving @alyaskinaus @welleco @ultravioletteau @davroe @bondisands @renskincare @ecomodernessentials @muktiorganics @111skin @sodashiskincare @utaraorganics @habitualbeauty @meccacosmetica @bybiskincare @bangn.body @umaoils @trueprotein @mondayhaircare @wildspiritfragrances & much more. 10 winners will receive some of my absolute favourite beauty products from my beauty draw! 🦋 All beauty products are not sponsored they’re a mix of my favourite personal and gifted products. It’s been a crazy year and there’s nothing I want more than to connect with you guys and gift something so small but I know would be so appreciated by so many of you & make you smile (I’ll make a hamper for each winner)🌻 Winners announced on my story FRIYAY ☀️ *picked at random not by me* 1,2,3 GO! ❤️❤️❤️❤️
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15 days ago
Feels like the first summers day! The seasons affect my motivation and my mood so much ☀️ what about you? After 12 months of winter from US winter to AUS winter I couldn’t be more excited to jump out of bed, into my @avrelife and get my body moving. I find it so much easier to stay motivated with the sunshine, I’m more connected with the world around me purely because I spend more time connecting with it 🌱 Plus, the more time at the beach, outside on hikes and finding little water holes the more time I spend thinking about how my footprint is affecting the landscapes I love to enjoy so much. That’s why being active in my Avre sneakers made from recycled plastic bottles, stopping them ending up in our ocean is so important 🙏🏽 Support them & their partner @oceana so we can enjoy this incredible planet & it’s sunshine, together, healthier & for longer. #AvreAmbassador #Upcycled #SmallSustainableChoices #AvreLife
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28 days ago
6 months later and she finally gets her British passport 🎉 Fun fact; (Im both Australian & British) what’s your nationality? Ive found gratitude spending this year unable to travel (even though I found it super hard to start with, it was a real change of pace, home & energy I needed to surrender to) How did it affect you guys? Its truly taught me the weight of how blessed we are to explore our world, indulge in each other’s cultures, history & landscapes. First on my bucket list.. Egypt! It’s been a dream destination for the longest time ❤️
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1 month ago
Not much makes me happier than my gfs visiting me, the sun coming out & unlimited snacks! What a treat, I am so grateful ❤️💕✨ What a soul filling few days with my girls made stress free with @routeapp & their tracked delivery, there’s no worries if we’re at the beach, at home or having a vino 🎉 Check my stories for a little recap of our week 🦋 #SoulFood #GirlTime #Spring
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1 month ago
2020 has really just made me wish I could give every single one of you a flower from this garden and tell you how strong your purpose is for being on this planet, how loved you are by the energy within you & the world around you and how much greatness is within that precious soul of yours. - you are loved - you belong - you are needed 💫 Now & always. @aloyoga #Periwinkle
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1 month ago
The last photo is guaranteed to make you smile! Hope you had a divine weekend ❤️ New campaign for @arnhem_clothing by angel @tessleopold_ coming soooon, I know I’ve been a little quiet on here but ya girls been really busy working on some amazing things for all of you 🌻☀️✨ #Healthy #Happy #Work
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1 month ago
Shall we give my Alter ego a name? If you know me, you know how far this is from my reality 😂😂😂 BTS of a shoot directed by @pixpop @burnt_breakfast ❤️ #Reels
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1 month ago
It’s the small things that bring that extra sunshine like the first week of Spring & fresh, local produce, what a blessing! ☀️ Little photo diary of my Wednesday doing mundane things with a big ass smile because the suns finally out & I’m in love with this happy Tangerine! (Check my stories) 🍊 @aloyoga #Happy #Healthy #LocalProduce
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1 month ago