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Shoutout to @vintagecardinvestor - appreciate the transaction .. and shoutout to Magic and Bird for having a way bigger impact on today’s NBA 🏀 than most realize.... period
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12 hours ago
Be your own crowd. The cheering and boo’n is fucking you up... close your ears and do you ❤️❤️❤️❤️
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1 day ago
Vacations and weekends are the best ❤️ spending time with family, friends or your own interests and hobbies or resting your mind and body are just remarkable..... that said ... when I say above “living for them” what I mean is, so many literally hate Monday and adore Friday afternoon which means they hate their job or professional life, my concern there is that the % of time you spend on your work life is extraordinary, think about it, 2 days a week for weekend, 5 for work, how many vacation days do you get? 1,2,3 weeks, a national holiday here and there and that’s it. Please please please, if you genuinely “live” for Friday night aka you hate your Monday-Friday am, please let’s debate ways to adjust, whether that means living in a less fancy way, doing a side gig like flipping sports cards so u can save money, freelancing, moving in with friends or back home. Living a life where u hate the majority of your time, isn’t good, period!
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1 day ago
This is a great way to start your Wednesday morning ☀️ ⠀ ⠀ Question : which part stood out to you in this video
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1 day ago
THIS! ⠀ ⠀ 🏷 tag the last person you DM’d
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2 days ago
Huge shoutout to @greggenske for joining up with @ajv and I to create #vaynerBaseball @redturn2 and @tphamlv welcome and many more to come .. big news shortly ... here we go More news from @vaynersports soon :) Tag your favorite baseball ⚾️ personality - active or retired player or media or anyone ..
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2 days ago
I speak about patience, work ethic, value creation.. but shoutout to @teamgaryvee for this visualization. I am so grateful to all of you who have been along on the journey and I really am excited for the next 5 decades to continue to operate and bring value. Leave a comment with what you’ve been executing against and for how long.
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2 days ago
Parents on this summer Tuesday pay close attention to this insight that I realized in my older years and ponder the impact of what you praise and what you attack in your kids day to day, I think we should really be thoughtful in our actions and kids and especially young 20’s make sure u think about these things when you judge yourself, ponder the nuances of your childhood but don’t dwell on it or blame your parents, use it as a framework to understand yourself and attempt to rewire if there are things you’d like to adjust! PS: today’s is all-time it’s our 1 year anniversary at @winetexts
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2 days ago
I’ve been on this LinkedIn kick for 7 years !!!! 7! I’m telling all of you to get serious about producing content on there, literally use it like you use Instagram, just try it, I want you to win! If you’re ready to take it serious leave a 🔨 emoji in the comments Also if it’s been working for you please leave a comment on how and why to help others
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3 days ago
Maybe the most important conversation you can have with people who say that are “negative” Fear is such a tough thing and often it leads to “negative behavior” you’re not a bad person, you have fear in you and that can be addressed, we love ❤️ you, now go love yourself
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3 days ago
You’re friends life has nothing to do with your hopes, dreams, happiness, too many day things like “but, my friends are ...” AND? That shit has nothing to do with what you are up to, stop scrolling social media and thinking others have it figured out or have it better or are further along ... stay on your course, focus on your world and your process and deeply patience and stop judging yourself, period.
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