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Caption with what you think I said 🙈 Best answer gets a shoutout 🎉🎉🎉 #reactionvideo #youtuber
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1 day ago
The truth of the matter is that the general public is confused. We are not acting like the UNITED States. I call on our leaders to put the political biases aside and present a clear & honest assessment of this virus and how we plan to combat it. Check out my full video on my @youtube channel #stayalertnotanxious
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5 days ago
Pause. It’s #worldsocialmediaday and there’s just too much fake news and misinformation being spread online. I’ve partnered with the @unitednations to help combat these confusing lies. Anytime you spot something that your itching to share just PAUSE & #takecarebeforeyoushare 🙏🏼 This simple step will allow your critical thinking to kick into gear and decrease the potential for misinfo to spread. Please join me by sharing this post on your story. Love you all ❤️ #alertnotanxious
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6 days ago
Happy Father’s Day to all the Poppa’s & Dog Dads out there ❤️⛑🐶 #dogdad #dadsofinstagram
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15 days ago
Shifting my patient encounters from the office to telemedicine has been tricky. There’s certainly times where telemedicine does the trick but there’s also times where it just cannot replace a proper in-person examination. We have to be honest about telemedicine’s strengths and weaknesses as we move forward in this “age of digital health” ⛑❤️ #stayalertnotanxious #bestjobever
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26 days ago
I don’t usually repost my full @youtube videos on here, but this topic is too important to not discuss openly. This video was supposed to answer some of the lingering questions about COVID that you've had but I think leading with a much more important issue of the moment (of the generation) is mandatory. George Floyd should be with us right now. Countless others should be with us right now. It's a brutal reality that we must accept that we still have racism among us. It's disturbing that it took the loss of another life to wake us up as a community to these injustices. Let us all step up and be better all around. Let's call out when it happens, let's prevent it before it happens. Black lives matter. Killer Mike says it better than me: (MUST WATCH) *All Adsense revenue for this video will be donated and I will personally match it so that we can double the donation.* Resources for donations: Top Civil Rights Orgs by Charity Navigator: SPLC:
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1 month ago
BlackoutTuesday #staysafe 🙏🏼❤️ (P.S. I’ve filmed my thoughts on this tragedy yesterday for Wednesday checkup on YT, editing as fast as humanly possible 🙏🏼)
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1 month ago
I have NEVER been more proud to be a physician. I want to give a huge THANK YOU to EVERYONE in the medical community for continuing your mission to keep us healthy and safe during this scary time. We will get through this. #healthcareworkers #thankyou ⛑❤️🤝
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1 month ago
Can anyone please tell me what happened to @thebearpup face in this photo? 🐻❤️⛑ #newfoundland #dogsofinstagram *new nighttime routine w/ Bear- link in bio*
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2 months ago
We owe a debt of gratitude to the entire healthcare community, as well as the entire essential workforce, who are keeping us going during this difficult time ⛑❤️🙏🏼 #stayhome #grateful
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2 months ago
There is no greater joy in this world than a 140+lb floof ball reminding you how much he loves you ❤️🐻🐶 #quarentine #stayhome #newfie
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2 months ago
Happy #worldhealthday ⛑🎉❤️ Here’s a little throwback to my time in El Salvador w/ @americares #lovemyjob
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2 months ago