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Faz hoje 4 anos que vivemos um dia histórico e único para todos nós! Para mim foi sem dúvida o título mais importante da minha carreira! 🏆🇵🇹 #campeoesdaeuropa2016 #Portugal
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20 hours ago
Recharge 🔋☀️😉💪🏼
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1 day ago
It wasn’t the result we wanted but Head up and keep working!💪🏼 #alltogether #finoallafine
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3 days ago
Happy Sunday ❤️ #blessed
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5 days ago
I love this feeling 😉💪🏼
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6 days ago
Grande vittoria! Abbiamo bisogno di questo spirito... FINO ALLA FINE 💪🏼👏🏼
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6 days ago
Altri 3 punti importantissimi ! Avanti cosi 💪🏼👏🏼 #finoallafine #forzajuve
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10 days ago
What do you think about my look like my brother Panita ?! 🤔🤪
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11 days ago
To #ComeBackStronger you must put the work. Turn any obstacle into an opportunity. How will you come back stronger? Head over to @clear.haircare link in bio for resources to help build your resilience. #KeepAClearHead #ResilienceMatters
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12 days ago
Starting the weekend with a good vibe and a good style🤪
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13 days ago
Vittoria importante! Grandi ragazzi! 👏🏼💪🏼 #finoallafine
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14 days ago
Enjoying this beautiful sunset 😃👌🏻🌅 #torino
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15 days ago