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little Georgie says wear a mask!
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9 days ago
Happy Fathers Day Dad!! not sure if I ever apologized for that time I skipped school and you found me and my friends in the crawl space above the bike shed smoking weed.. but please know I’m sorry about that. It was a bad decision
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15 days ago
today is international surf day. I’ve always wanted to surf, moving to california got me closer to that ambition and while I am still absolutely terrible at the sport its brought me to interesting places and introduced me to some great people.
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16 days ago
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1 month ago
my brother and i decompressing after attending a #blacklivesmatter protest monday. I’ve been to a half dozen protests all over LA, so much support and love between strangers from all races and creeds coming together to demand change. don’t focus on the criminality you see on tv, it’s shit but it’s a drip and this movement is a tidal wave. correcting inequality, ending police brutality and addressing 400 years of systematic racism will be a long journey but this is progress. keep your foot on the gas. 📸 by @mikerashid
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1 month ago
beaches opened yesterday, went out with my little brother today.
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1 month ago
HAPPY BORTHDAY DAN!!!! yesterday we did the surf/snowboard-in-the-same-day thing. It was great. Anyway WELCOME TO YOUR 30s!!!!
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3 months ago
one coffee, two chocolate milks
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5 months ago
the end of the 2010s. On to the 2020s
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6 months ago
new look for 2020
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6 months ago
Abu Dhabi Grand Prix w @mmaponyane 🏎 🏎 🏎
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7 months ago