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Find friends who will flex with you. @eljuanpazurita is stronger than you think. Happy #flexfriday and remember to get your friends in the gym💪🏼
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8 months ago
Halloween costume or work? You decide. #hitman Happy #halloween | 📸 @chris.ace .photography
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8 months ago
Anniversary of this picture from many years ago in Eastern Afghanistan. The night before I learned how stressful a midnight helicopter insertion into enemy territory could be, Apaches are like guardian angels with rockets and how close a gunfight in the mountains can be when your Afghan soldiers fall asleep on the perimeter. By the 25th, the operation was over and we lost 3 Americans with 7 wounded, and 50+ of the enemy killed. An Army solider would win the Medal of Honor for his actions on the last day of the op. War is a terrible thing, but not a day goes by that I don't miss it and the Marines, Soldiers and brave Afghan national army soldiers and interpreters I had the privilege of serving with overseas. The Afghan people still struggle against the enemy to this day. "War is life multiplied by some number that no one has ever heard of." -Sebastian Junger #fbf #flexfriday #war #afghanistan #gun
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8 months ago
Great times in Atlanta with these super fit people filming #gamechangermovie . Always fun when you get to workout while filming. Joel is actually bigger but it’s all about those angles😂💪🏼🎥 Not really a #flexfriday post, but is it? You decide #movie #workout
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8 months ago
Happy #nationalcoffeeday and remember that #gym gains come from coffee. 💪🏼☕️
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9 months ago
18 years ago, the deadliest terrorist act in world history took the lives of 2,997 people. 90 countries lost citizens in the attacks and the civilized world, led by the United States, has been fighting the terrorists and their ideology for almost two decades. The attacks on September 11th were the reason I joined the Marines after college. This clip from CNN international was focused on a massive truck bomb in Somalia that killed over 580. The same kind of hate that fueled 19 hijackers to crash planes into buildings motivated other terrorists to pack a truck full of explosives and detonate in a crowded city. This war, the Long War, is a generational fight. It’s not only in Afghanistan, Iraq or Syria. It’s in Kenya, the Philippines, India, Somalia, Egypt, Yemen, Niger, Sudan, France, England and dozens of other countries. We all need to understand that the fight against radical Islamist terrorists, whether they call themselves al qaeda, ISIS or boko haram, is not just a western fight, but a global problem that involves us all. Civilized people versus these terrorists. It is US(Christian, Muslim, Jew, Buddhist, atheist, etc) vs. THEM. Never forget the lives taken at the hands of brutal terrorists, from NYC to Mogadishu. Let us resolve to continue to fight against their hate. #NeverForget 🇺🇸 #911 #september11 #USA #cnn
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9 months ago
It’s wedding season. Also means anniversaries for many of my close friends. Happy anniversary @enrico.ravenna and @jasmineravenna #wedding #love
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10 months ago
Happy national dog day to my buddy. Cannon has yet to take a bad picture. Such a good boy @cannon_the_weim #dog #nationaldogday #weimaraner
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10 months ago
“The good man should be both a strong and a brave man ; that is, he should be able to serve his country as a soldier if the need arises....The question must not be merely, Is there to be peace or war? The question must be, Is the right to prevail? Every honorable effort should always be made to avoid war, but no self-respecting individual, no self-respecting nation, can or ought to submit to wrong.” -Theodore Roosevelt ‘Citizenship in a Republic’ Always train to fight the wrongs in the world 💪🏼 #veteran #actor #gun #2A
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10 months ago
Celebrating 3 years of living in the City of Angels. I love Los Angeles, but I’ll always have the attitude and heart of a Georgia raised southerner. #LA #cowboy #stetson
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10 months ago
“I have always been fond of the West African proverb: Speak softly and carry a big stick; you will go far.” -T. Roosevelt It’s a new week, be kind, be bold, be great 💪🏼 #wisdom
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11 months ago
“A snake knows more about what is happening around than any other creature, because it has no ears to listen to gossip only direct perception.” -Jaggi Vasudev Keep focused. Don’t get distracted. #wisdom #snake #love
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11 months ago