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Yes @vmagazine cover ... loved being interviewed by someone that I have such a big respect and love: @diplo
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1 day ago
@vmagazine cover with @diplo interviewing me
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1 day ago
I'm the new cover on @vmagazine .... did you know @diplo is a great journalist as well? Check out his interview with me... LOVE IT .... thank u so much V - Photographer: @henriquegendre Fashion Director: @nicolaformichetti Stylist: @_claralima Makeup/Hair: @henriquem85 Manicure: @robertamunis Interview: @diplo
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2 days ago
Assista no meu canal do YouTube / Watch now on my YouTube channel / Ya disponible en mi canal de YouTube 👉 Tócame @arcangel y @delaghettoreal
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2 days ago
¡Ya disponible! Asi que tocame tocame tocame tocame aquí
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2 days ago
Já fez o seu?
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2 days ago
Ya casi ... Tócame con @delaghettoreal @arcangel
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3 days ago
E o Brasil inteiro segue na onda do.... #papapa
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4 days ago
TÓCAME Sexta-Feira, 10 de Julho Coming Friday July 10th Viernes 10 de Julio PRE-SAVE
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4 days ago
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6 days ago
Omg @tyga look at your Brazilian version hahahahah ... mano do céu olha isso hahaha eu tô morrendo @mczaac
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8 days ago
Já fez o seu? Tô de olho...
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8 days ago