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on chill. outfit: @looksxlourdes
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5 days ago
it’s been a while. 😅 jeans: @looksxlourdes
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8 days ago
“this her” outfit: @looksxlourdes
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21 days ago
purest form. outfit: @looksxlourdes
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26 days ago
typical me. 😎 pants: @looksxlourdes
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29 days ago
looks aren’t everything, but i have them just incase. 😉 jacket & bodysuit: @looksxlourdes 🤍
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1 month ago
it’s me for me babe! 🥰 jacket: @looksxlourdes
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1 month ago
pretty face, slim waist. 🤪 outfit: @looksxlourdes
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1 month ago
ion work know the rest! 🤩 dress: @looksxlourdes
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1 month ago
life’s good! 🤩 dress: @looksxlourdes
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1 month ago
a fresh wash. >>>
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2 months ago
if you know me, you know my mama don’t play bout her children!!!! period. Mommy, i love you so much and thank you for always being you!!! thanks for always pushing me to be the best me!!! i don’t even have to say too much, you know how i’m coming about you & i already know how you coming about me! ❤️🤞🏼 I LOVE YOU SDR!!!!
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2 months ago