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happy boy 🍄🦋⚡️
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5 dni temu
i dont smoke, i swear🚭
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10 dni temu
kisses x
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20 dni temu
if you saw a purple haired guy walking down the street, wyd
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24 dni temu
eating popcorn while posting this🍿
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1 miesiąc temu
the photographer looked cuter.
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1 miesiąc temu
i remember sitting in my grandads car as both my grandparents wrote this is my notebook, thought i’d get it tattooed on me forever🖤
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1 miesiąc temu
tried a new style yesterday
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1 miesiąc temu
instagram vs reality😚
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the lollipop was good 🍭
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1 miesiąc temu
we all bleed the same color... i will fight for you! 🖤
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2 miesięcy temu
yesterday i joined thousands of people in protesting #blacklivesmatter in auckland, new zealand🖤 ever since i was a kid, having a father as a history teacher who specialised in american slavery, i have been taught at a very young age about all of this, and it’s so saddening that people of colour have to continue to fight for this on top of being worried for their safety, this should have been over years ago. but let’s never stop fighting!!! every ethnicity around the world should come together to help fight against racism and oppression. i am not black but i will always fight for equality. i will stand with you. don’t let this be a trend, let’s not stop fighting until we see justice and equality. i love you all. no lives matter until black lives matter.
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2 miesięcy temu