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Pretty brown eyes and a mind full of thoughts.❤️ #throwback
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Tu kithe jaake mangeya si mainu jo enna tainu chaun lag gayi ♥️ Love this song!♥️ #newfav #kithe
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This is what is keeping me strong. The love you all have for me and for what I believe in. Remembering this day I still get goosebumps by seeing the love and warmth you had for me. I don’t know what I would be without it. THANK YOU.❤️ #throwback #oldvideo #love #support #avneetians
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RIP Saroj Khan Mam 💔 it had been my dream since 5 to work with a legend like you once 🥺❤️ #rip
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To my mother. You’ve been been there for me without fail since the day I was born. You’ve nurtured me, taught me, and have sacrificed to give me opportunities that only the most selfless mother could give her daughter. I will forever and always be in owe of you, and I will forever and always be by your side. I hope I make you proud each and every day... Happy birthday my life ❤️
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Bidding adieu to a part of my life. Yasmine is extremely close to my heart, a character which started with a warrior princess much against the fairy tale. I learnt so much portraying Yasmine, from horse ridding to doing my own stunts. I got to be a princess in literal sense. Thank you to each and everyone for making this journey super special with all of your love and support.❤️ #yasmine #goodbyesarehard #avneetians @sabtv @shantanu.agrawal @thesiddharthnigam @gulfamkhan_hussain @aamirdalvi @bansalsmita_ @raashultandon @gireesh_sahdev @grover.vikas51 @badar.nsd3
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Samjho zara, samjho ishara. Tera hu mein saara ka saara. Jaise mujhe tujhse hua hai, Yeh pyaar na hoga dobara.❤️ #throwback
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The part of me that’s you will never die.❤️ #throwback
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Suga suga how’d ya get so fly?💖 #throwback
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