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Hey guys💕 What time do you guys usually wake up?
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new video is up on my YouTube channel! 💕🙌 Have you guys seen this yet?😳💕
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Cheer up!!!🙌
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you guys often ask me why do I have two accounts on Instagram? It's a long story, but in short, I used to work as a photographer and it was my page where I showed my works, some of my AMV edits, and I also showed my drawings here :) time has passed and this page has become an account for my mood, here I post photos that you can’t see on my main page (@taaarannn ), or photos that inspire me ⭐️
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smile! I love you guys❤️
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Hopefully I can take more new photos this summer 😴🥺 how are you doing guys?❤️
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breakfast at home 💝🧃
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Just some selfies 😪✌🏻
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Hey guys !💕 Has anyone tried my recipe for coconut dessert? 😂 🥥 How's that? Which video should I make next?
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My new video is coming!!! yippee❤️
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