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God put you in this world first cause he knew i needed you!!! don’t know a life without you & wouldn’t want to! 🤞🏼 my heart in human form fr!!! this first picture is one of our favs so you know i had to post it. thanks for being the best big sister ever. i love you so much and appreciate you for EVERYTHING you do! hope i can make today as special as you are to me!!! love ya ❤️
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il y a 12 jours
on Wednesday’s....
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il y a 22 jours
ion see nobody but me, who i’m gon lose to?
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il y a 1 mois
the finer things in life..... i was talking about me. 😇 • • • *all those years cheering really got my legs scraped up*
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il y a 2 mois
CAU Alumna. 👩🏻‍🎓
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il y a 2 mois
to the illustrious Clark Atlanta University & the entire AUC, thank you! ❤️ i will receive my Bachelor of Arts in Criminal Justice on May 18th, 2020. to all who supported me throughout my last four years, you are very much appreciated! Masters next silly rabbit. #BIGFISH 🦈💫❤️
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il y a 2 mois
would i really be me if i didn’t take pictures during class...?🤔 i don’t think so. • • • outfit: @shopmonicollection
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il y a 6 mois
first post of the new year!❤️ hi guys! • • • outfit: @shopmonicollection hair: @gregorybanks.extensions x @pocadavis
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il y a 7 mois
i should’ve been walking to class too..🥴 • • • hair: @itspretti_official x @yyonghair
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il y a 8 mois
big 21. 🥂
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il y a 10 mois
VIRGO queen. 👑 9.16.98
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il y a 10 mois
21 otw. 🥂 9.16.1998
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