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Thank you for 12 million ❤️😍 I LOVE YOU ALLL!!! Wearing- @dresstalkss Shades- @theadornments_
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Loving this song ❤️✨ #deewana @anshul300 @raghav.sharma .14661 @a.k .h.i.l_01 @desimusicfactory
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Choose your fav 🔥 1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6 or 7 ???
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Oh give me love.......❤️
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Dhoondhte teri hassi, milgayi khushi.❤️✨ Wearing- @reddlog 📸- @sonianandra
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New hair, who dis?❤️👅 #backtobasics #newhair
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Just groovin around 💙🦋👅 (Don’t miss the end😂)
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Please don’t eves drop on my business.💚👓 Wearing- @fashionstruc
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You’re my heart in human form.❤️ Wearing- @fashionstruc 📸- @sonianandra
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Just posing.....💙✨ #posing #avneetians
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No, I ain’t lost baby boy.♥️ Wearing- @periwinkley_shop 📸- @sonianandra
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She’s changed, You can see it in her eyes, Feel it in her touch, Hear it in her tone. She’s not the same. And she’s never coming back.🖤 #photoshoot #closeups #avneetians
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